Interview with WWE star, Mickie James!

In this episode of TALK TENNIS, I am lucky enough to interview a dominant figure in women's athletics. Someone who has really set the stage for the rise of women in sports during her 20 years as a top woman athlete. A woman who is an excellent role model for other women, and the generations of women to come. Someone that I have the utmost respect and admiration for... Multi talented, strong, driven, inspirational, badass WWE star Mickie James is who I’m talking about! There are a few sports that have really carved the way for the rise of women's athletics, and tennis and wrestling are two of the most predominant sports in this category. Being able to sit down with Mickie and discuss not only her personal journey, but how the arena for women in sports has evolved since she first began, was incredible. We discuss how she's grown throughout the years, her opinions, advice she has for other women, and so so much more! Including how she balances being a WWE superstar, AND a Country Music Star, AND a Wife, AND a Mother!! I Literally could have talked to Mickie for hours longer! And probably would have had her rep not given the nudge that she needed to get to her next apt LOL. I left this interview feeling invigorated, motivated, full of life, and just generally pumped up! I couldn't have asked for a better way to round out 2018 then to end it with my favorite interview to date. Thank you Mickie!!! GO WOMEN!!!