The Australian Open 2018!! Will Serena Williams Return?!

Is it just me, or did 2017 go by scary fast?!

Alrighty! Well with that said ive gotta face the facts that 2018 is upon us! And with the start of the new year, comes our first major slam of the year – The Australian Open!

Now to the most anticipated question of the Australian Open . . . . Will Serena Williams be playing!!? Some say yes, like Australian Open Director Craig Tiley who said that Serena will indeed be back to play. However others, like her coach Patrick Mouratoglou have cast a little doubt on the situation. Coach Patrick recently said, “‘I will be joining her in Florida soon. We will see how her body is reacting and how her tennis level is and we will take a decision regarding Australia.”

So whats gonna happen?!

Serena does seem to be in marital honeymoon stage bliss at the moment, as a newlywed and also a new momma. If you check out her Instagram there’s a wholeeee lot of that, and not a lot of tennis. Although in the past Serena and her coach Patrick have both made statements that Serena would be back for the Australian open 2018, like I said above, 2017 might have been a little too speedy for Serena as well, and with the Australian Open literally around the corner, sometimes what looks so far away at one point, can catch up to ya real quick. And based on social media, she looks pretty darn content right where she's at.

With that said, Williams did make her baby’s initials AO (Alexis Ohanian Jr) as a nod to the Australian Open that she won pregnant last year.

I mean, we’re all gonna find out soon!! So, until then just for fun, lets take some bets! Leave a comment below with your thoughts about Serena’s return, or non return to the Australian Open this year!!