Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - The FEDAL Bromance :)

Technically, the birth of the Fedal bromance might be traced back to the Fall of 2016, when Rafael Nadal opened his tennis academy in his hometown of Mallorca. And right there to celebrate along side Nadal was his longtime rival Roger Federer - who expressed a great deal of praise to the Spaniard, and basically credited him with forcing Federer to re-vamp his own game. Although Nadal being one of Fed’s biggest hurdles along his career wasn’t exactly new information, this seemingly increased fondness for one another, was.

The two legends opened their 2017 bids at the Australian Open with a Federer-Nadal Grand Slam Final, that although Federer prevailed in, admitted that he would have been happy to lose to Nadal . . .and he seemed sincere, and genuinely appreciative of the occasion to play his longtime rival in another Grand Slam final.  That evening felt like a celebration of both their careers, even though only one was walking away the winner.

Now to the very recent Laver Cup, a new exhibition pitting Europe against the rest of the world - which was an overwhelming success in its first year, and in no small part due to the lure of seeing Nadal and Federer join forces on the court as a doubles team! Teammates and partners versus opponents for the first time ever!

And the two did not disappoint! With the “Fedal” bromance taking full flight and gracing us with one of sport’s most memorable images of the year of Rafael Nadal leaping into Roger Federer's arms.

So, what can we take away from this folks? The new year is upon us! Set a new years resolution to push aside those old grudges, or rivalries with other people, and instead make an effort to overcome these types of hurdles in life. Who knows, you might actually end up with a new bestie, just like these two ;)

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Seriously though, do we think this bromance is gonna last in 2018? Or is the next time they go head to head going to be the end of it?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

I personally think that these two are absolutely adorable together, so I hope it lasts :)