When Tennis, Fashion, Friendship, and Women empowerment collide! Louise & Eleanor CEO Megan Tierney

Tennis. Awesome.
Handbags and Purses. Beautiful.
A lifelong friendship. Priceless.

Megan Tierney is not only the CEO and Founder of the exceptionally beautiful and unique handbag, purse, and racquet bag line, Louise & Eleanor, but she happens to be my longest friendship to date as well :)

4 things that I absolutely love collide in this episode of TALK TENNIS: Tennis, handbags, friendship, and women empowering women.

Megan and I grew up in the California Bay Area. She is my child hood best friend whom I have fond memories of constantly getting my a** kicked by on the tennis court LOL. It's amazing how someone so small can generate as much power as this woman! You'll get a glimpse towards the end of the episode ;)

As we grew up life took us down different roads. And although our friendship never missed a beat, the distance between us and our career path's certainly did.

Now in our adult lives, and the prime of our adult lives if I may say so myself hehe, it's absolutely incredible and wonderful that we seem to have come full circle, and are back together on similar path's in life. Megan's company is comprised of an array of extraordinary handbags, but recently she joined forced with the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Association team to bring this absolute stunner of a racquet bag, called the "Dianna" bag - appropriately named after Cliff Drysdale's wife whom Megan admires very much, to grace us ladies of tennis!

This episode not only displays one of today’s hottest up and coming companies, but this episode also embodies an incredible friendship, and is the absolute perfect example of women empowering women. Far too often women become caddy with one another, jealous of one another's success. . .which is such a shame, and a massive disappointment to feel or see. From day 1 Megan has always been my #1 fan and supporter. If there were ever someone she felt could help me progress, she had me synched up on a text or email with them before I could even repeat their name. If there were events Megan had access to that she felt would be beneficial to me, she wouldn't even hesitate to make sure I was on the list. And similarly, on the flip, whenever there is an opportunity to help this magnificent woman I will do anything that I can to help her success and happiness as well. But most paramount, we truly believe in what each other. I never leave home without one of my many eye catching Louise & Eleanor handbags, and the ladies on the court are constantly drooling over my Dianna Tennis Tote #JustSayin!

Tennis. Handbags. Friendship. Women empowerment. BOOM!!!

Don't miss this special episode where I sit down with Megan and discuss her company Louise & Eleanor, showcase some of her incredible products, and take her little butt out on to the court to try and redeem myself from my younger days ;) Wanna see if I actually do finally get that W from Megan?! Well, you’re just gonna have to tune in to this episode to see!

A little information about Louise & Eleanor:
The LOUISE & ELEANOR brand of handbags aren't ordinary, they are extraordinary, like the women who wear them. Crafted with the highest quality materials, featuring eye-catching designs, these handbags are created for the woman-on-the-go as she sets out to chase her dreams.

LOUISE & ELEANOR travel the world to find, designers, innovators and one-of-a-kind luxury handbags. They also recently added the “Dianna” Tennis Tote to their 2017 collection. A fashion brand with a purpose, every purchase on LOUISE & ELEANOR makes a positive difference as they are partnered with several women's charities, donating  a % from every item sold to selected women's nonprofit organizations. By purchasing through LOUISE & ELEANOR,  YOU are making a difference and helping others.

Louise & Eleanor are committed to positively impacting and empowering women worldwide.

Check out Louise & Eleanor online at, LouiseAndEleanor.com
Or on Instagram at, @LouiseAndEleanor