Too hot to hit the court? Here's the solution . . . Pool Tennis!!!

Summer is on its way out, but its not gone yet!!! As an ode to summer and the heat wave that hit LA just a couple of weeks ago, I give you this episode of TALK TENNIS!! 

I HATE missing my court sessions, but as we all know, on a hot day its rough because on the court its EVEN HOTTER.  Sometimes it can be really hard to breathe, or move, or really exert yourself because you're dying of heat! And no one wants heat stroke! So, if its too hot to hit the hard court, but you really don't want to miss whacking some balls . . .I've got the solution for you!! POOL TENNIS!!!! Find a pool, get a swimsuit, grab some friends, and get your pool tennis on!!

Good old Johnny Mac from back in the day, and Mister Agassi may make a guest appearance in this episode as well ;) 

This episode is FARRRR too much fun to miss!!! 

Welcome to the First Annual TALK TENNIS Pool Tennis Open!!! May the odds be ever in your favor. . . .

Who's gonna take the championship?! Will it be Jenn? Chrissa? Stephanie? or Kerry?? Watch and see!!!