Sam Groth retires from tennis after the Australian Open 2018 :(

Australian player Sam Groth decided that the Australian Open 2018 was going to be his Swan Song in professional tennis.

This came as a surprise to many as he’s only 30 years old, and could still potentially have many years left in the game. He has however struggled with injuries, which most likely played a part in this decision, and has also said that he’s been lacking a bit of motivation in the sport as of late.  Sam also is recently engaged, so perhaps he’s just ready to move on and fully commit to that part of his life. 

Whatever the reason, Sam is definitely known for having one the biggest, most charismatic, and outgoing personalities on the tour. He’s always got a quip or two up his sleeve, always smiling, and always loaded with tons of positive energy.

Sam’s Presence on the tour will most definitely be missed 

As for the future, Sam has said that he is debating getting involved with a professional Soccer league, AKA football or footy as they call it in Melbourne Australia where he lives. Or maybe we’ll see him on the broadcasting circuit one of these days! Who knows! He certainly has the personality for it!

Whatever it is that’s next, good luck Sam! And don’t you dare become a stranger in the tennis world!

Good luck big guy! We already miss ya Mate!