Today Talk Tennis is shining the spotlight on a tennis player who is not only an incredible athlete, admired for his skill and athleticism, but also an inspirational leader who devotes a good portion of his life towards encouraging others to embrace who they are, raise awareness in regards to disability, and work towards eradicating the stigmas that so often surround paraplegic people in sports.

Dylan Alcott is a 5 time Grand Slam Wheelchair singles champion, a Grand Slam Doubles champion, and a 5 time Paralympic gold medalist. He was also named the 2016 Australian Paralympian of the Year due to his outstanding achievements at the Rio Paralympics where he took gold in both the singles and the doubles.
Dylan wasn’t satisfied with just his success however, he was motivated to empower others like himself to go after and achieve their goals and ambitions as well.
In 2017, Alcott established the Dylan Alcott Foundation "with the core purpose of helping young Australians with disabilities gain self-esteem and respect through sport and study."
In September of the same year, Alcott was appointed Australian Patron for International Day of People with Disability.
Alcott also works as a motivational speaker and radio host. His advice to young people with a disability is:
"The biggest thing is that for every one thing you can’t do, there are 10,000 others you can. For every one idiot to give you a hard time, there are 10,000 others worth your time."
Through his star power, charisma, and sheer determination, Dylan Alcott has opened the world’s eyes towards athletes with disabilities. He was named GQ Australias sportsman of the year in 2016.
Known for his “wheelchair crowdsurfing” - In 2018, Alcott launched Ability Fest, a universally accessible music festival, featuring pathways for wheelchairs, and quiet areas for people with sensory disabilities.
Dylan Alcott is an icon. A positive light on humanity. An individual that not only tells us, but shows us that no barrier is too big to knock down. An inspiration. A hero. A role-model who encourages everyone to always strive to be the best version of yourself.

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