Madisen's Match! Kicking Cancer! Fish, Ginepri, Rinaldi, Jensen, Scheepers, Pernfors, Gullikson

Right after the Miami Open this year, I travelled to Fort Myer's Florida for a very very special event called, Madisen's Match. This year marked its 9th annual year.

Madisen Abramson was born September 7th, 2004. In May of 2008, it was discovered that young Madisen had an inoperable brain tumor. Blood samples, test after test, chemotherapy . . .Madisen has had to endure more than most people, young and old, will have to in a lifetime. But what is so incredibly special about this little girl, who I was lucky enough to meet, is her spirit. She will not allow this disease to get her down! She will not allow her life to be anything but full! She runs, and jumps, and smiles, and plays, and sings, and jokes . . .and this girl has got personality for dayssss!!! Somebody give her the Miss Congeniality crown!! 

Madisen has become the hope and inspiration for so many other children, adults, and families that are plagued with similar misfortunes. Madisen gives them hope! Madisen’s Match was developed to help these others also live better lives, and to one day, hopefully, find a cure for brain tumors.

Through the sport of Tennis, Madisen's Match annually puts on this spectacular event in Fort Myers that draws the attendance of MANY super stars and celebrities. This year saw such names as: Mardy Fish, Robby Ginepri, Tom Gullikson, Mikael Pernfors, Luke Jensen, Murphy Jensen, Kathy Rinaldi, and Chani Anderson (Chanelle Scheepers).

To date Madisen's Match has raised over $650,000 to benefit national and Southwest Florida based pediatric and adult cancer treatment charities. And the impact this event, and Madisen herself, continue to have on the world is incredibly significant. 

I'm honored that I was welcomed with open arms by Madisen herself, her loving family, and all the wonderful people that comprise Madisen's Match. I left a much wiser person. I felt the impact of precious life and what it means to me in comparison to others. Plain and simply, I left a better person. And I also left with some life long friends. Keep shining your bright light Maddie! Your strength, Spirit, energy, and courage are profoundly admirable qualities to all!

I truly can't wait to return next year for the 10th annual Madisen's Match!

For more information about Madisen's Match, or to donate, or purchase tickets for next year's event, go to: