Citi Taste of Tennis takes Washington DC!!!

Citi Taste of Tennis takes Washington DC, and Talk Tennis was on site to get the goods!


2018 marks the year of the first annual Washington DC Citi Taste of Tennis during the Citi Open. With all of the rain that poured down this year on the tournament, AYS Sports Marketing swooped in and saved the day by turning all that gloom, into everything you could possibly want in a room! Food on food on food on food! Everywhere you turned there was another delicious pop up station with succulent treats! Sweet and savory . . .oh baby! And then of course a station serving a little liquid courage in case you needed it to talk to one of the drop dead gorgeous people that crowded the room!! Everyone came dressed to kill! Celebrities, athletes, and guests alike!

Not only was the food and crowd impressive, but behind each pop up food station was a renowned local chef, or even a world famous chef! James Beard Award winners, Top Chef/Master Chef/Iron Chef contestants and winners, Chef's from DC's most well known restaurants! It was definitely in your best interest to arrive with an appetite! And in case you went into a food coma, VOSS water was there to help you digest and rehydrate with their delicious fresh fruit infused concoctions! Oh, and most likely you had a pro tennis player behind the bar stirring up your drink of choice as well, just in case the deal wasn't already sweet enough ;)

WTA and ATP players always flock to the Citi Taste of Tennis events. If you want to catch a glimpse of your favorite player, your odds are increased by about 99.9% simply by attending this event. Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink!

Citi Taste of Tennis served up an Ace on their maiden DC match! Now the prestigious event moves on to their most grand stadium of all . . .New York! This year the event has moved to the world renowned Cipriani's on 42nd street, and will take place on Thursday August 23rd! Less than a week away!

Food at its finest, your favorite WTA and ATP players, some of the best Chef's in the world, a crowd that will make your eyes bulge, celebrities of all genres, music, mingling, fun installations, a night that you most definitely will not forget . . .

Head to for you tickets!

See you all in the big apple!

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